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Our Story

In 2008, Britt Lapthorne, an Australian traveler, was kidnapped and murdered in Croatia by criminals targeting travelers in a local nightclub. Her killers have never been caught.

Sadly, this was not the first traveler targeted at the same venue and in the same way. This important information only came to light after Brit disappeared. 
Britt – and her family – had no idea.

“So many people are aware of (Brit’s) story and the good part about it
– the legacy, that their parents had warned them to be careful.”
Dale Lapthorne

Through technology, we now have the means to potentially avert a similar incident – by empowering, informing and connecting global travelers and their families.

In 2013 we launched our world first online ‘traveler to traveler’ warning system, allowing travelers to post safety, security and health issues abroad and receive alerts from other travelers.

“I’d like to thank Blackbook Traveler for providing this service as a way to inform people about hazards in some Countries. It’s important to have an established system of honest feedback.”
F.Fitzgerald, Boston, USA

In this same year, we commenced the Missing Pages Program. Missing Pages helps families of missing travelers, through the creation and funding of location targeted social media campaigns, instantly reaching 100,000s of people.

We have learnt much over the last 10 years and are very excited in 2018 to be launching our Global Travel Safety App ‘OkAway’ and expanding the Missing Pages Program.

Founder, Veronica Hey
B.Bus (Marketing and Tourism)

After completing her Business Degree in Tourism, Veronica explored her passion for travel, solo backpacking around the world. During this time she had some amazing experiences, met some inspirational people and also had some close calls of her own.

On her return to Australia she pursued a career in Marketing Communications and Event Management spanning Corporate, Government and Not-for profit sectors.

The plight of Brit Lapthorne in 2008, struck a chord.

“It seemed heartbreaking that something as enriching as travel should end in such unnecessary horror. I felt determined to make a difference and was aware that the technology existed to make travel safer – I just had to find the best way.”


Blackbook Traveler is proud to announce the upcoming launch of our ‘OkAway’ travel safety App.

Building on 10 years of research and experience in travel safety, our goal is to build the world’s leading solution for safer travel. 

OkAway will be an essential app for the travelling community.

Missing Pages Program

Each year thousand of tourists go missing while abroad. 

Time is crucial when any person goes missing. However, the situation is further complicated for families when a relative goes missing in a distant country. Apart from the obvious distance, families may be faced with issues such as language barriers, customs, laws, bureaucracy, lack of resources or even natural disasters and war. And most governments are limited in what support they can and will provide. 

Missing Pages provides a valuable resource for the families of missing travelers, with our online campaigns instantly reaching 100,000s of people in the area a person has gone missing abroad. Campaigns are created in the local language, with leads passed onto family or relevant authorities.  

Since 2013 we have conducted over 25 International campaigns for missing travelers and their families. These campaigns have involved liaison with Embassies, Police, Media and Search and Rescue, as well as encouraging Missing Person Poster distribution with locals.

Each campaign is unique with some requiring additional media, direct email, research, ground support assistance and in one instance a ‘Go Fund’ me page for a recovery/repatriation mission.

Backpacker Safety

Our Campaigns

Below is a snapshot of our campaigns for missing travelers.
Please click on a selected campaign to read about our work.

Tomas Princzkel

Rita Ban-Gagyi

Jonathan Ansell

Nepal Earthquake 2015

Vincent Walsh


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Funding and Partnerships

Blackbook Traveler is currently seeking global partners and additional funding to expand the Missing Pages Program. If you would like to know more about the unique value our app and programs will offer the travel community and your organizations, please message us via our contact form.

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